Did warlocks get ninja nerfed?

Last week instead of questing I've been doing dungeons to level. My average single target boss dps in those dungeons was around 27k-35k dps. I took a break from the hour long q times to play my druid tank for a few days. But last night I went back to my lock and saw a significant dps change. My single target is barely breaking the 20k mark and I'm consistently on the bottom of the dps chart when last week I was top in most cases. My rotation hasn't changed but I've noticed my dots do not tick nearly as hard as they were ticking before. Has anyone else noticed this??
Scaling gets worse the higher you level, so leveling up without significantly upgrading your gear actually will make you do less damage. A level 86 lock in equal gear can easily do as much damage as a level 89.
I haven't noticed any dps changes. If anything I'm doing way more than I was. I can pull 50-60k dps on a single target boss fight as destro. I burst out of the gate for 117k dps with 4 chaos bolts and dark soul. That is just me getting getter gear I think.
ditch your pvp gear it's useless at level 88. try and buyback some of the blues and greens you've sold. or go to townlong stepps and buy some of the 410 gear from the vendor.

that should help. with my current gear on a boss fight i can push 40k.

PvP gear is just as good in PvE as equal ilvl PvE gear since 5.0 added a second secondary stat to all pieces of PvP gear. The only difference might be in set bonuses and socket bonuses.
its the scaling issue your feeling. cap levels are your strongest points and lower level caps scale better. So...lvl 60/70/80/85/90 you scale better. lvl 80/85 you scale better then starting out 85s or 90s because mastery doesnt scale properly since the introduction of it with level gains. YOU will actually see a drop from 80-85 and 85-90 each level about 4-9% each level in stats and notice your dps drop. Its is part of the reason you see people cap toons at those levels aka twinks. its just the way it is, gear accordingly and you will be fine.
Just imagine guys your dps will be alot less in raid encounters
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hat may be true if you're wearing pvp gear that is the same level as your toon. but wearing level 85 pvp gear on an 88 is dumb. just like in cata, there is no need to keep you useless previous expansion tier gear equipped when you've outleveled it three times.

Yeah, its just that I don't quest at all lol. I've always been a battlegrounds type of guy. So the only gear I've been getting is coming from these dungeons lol. But thanks for all the info guys. I was really worried locks had been nerfed already. It's been a very long time since I've even considered the idea of maining a lock and I was so happy to hear that they were viable again. I'm hoping blizz lets us enjoy being locks for awhile haha. Thanks again all.

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