7850/70 vs 7950 vs 660ti

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I am looking at several options, would rather spend less but I do have the money for the others maybe even the 7970 if I wanted.

My question is: Can you safely overclock the 7850 to match the performance of the others or come close for less money with out destroying reliability and longivety for a 7850?

Or would we be better off with a 660ti or 7950?


Edit: Also shoudl I go B75 or Z77 for future proofing, will not be running SLi and I3 or I5 or does the I3 rob to much from the higher end cards?
What about pairing them up with a I3 or I5, obviously th eI5 is better but I am concerned about having such a decent g-card that it may slightly bottle neck it and if that is so, then I would rather buy an I5.


Possible change out for I3 or maybe even go I5 and a Z77 MoBo, just having a hard time picking a direction.
there should not be a bottleneck, but for WoW, i5 will be good deal better than i3
OK awesome, thank you both very much.

One last question and by last I mean one of my many last questions over the next week im sure.

Both me and my buddy are building at the same time, except all he needs is processor, g-card and mobo. He like Nvidia and the only reason why is Phsyx but is not a fan boy by any means. He is willing to go Radeon and we were wondering if Radeon has cought up with Nvidia's phsyx yet? We would like to spend less but as said before we both have upto 300 maybe more depending on rebates and deals. I would be willing to even go 400 but would rather not.

Whatever I buy he is buying, he plays Sc2 ? Diablo3 more offten than I do and plan on Gw2, civilization, etc, etc...
SC2 and Civ both rely on great CPU, so i5 for sure.

PhysX is honestly a gimmick as less than 1% of games out there make use of it. Most games use HavoK or other platform independent physics engine, not PhysX. With PhysX removed from the equation, both graphics cards do same physics.
Thanks guy's, im going to play around pcpartpicker.

Edit, is that particular I5 decent enough?
Yes. i5-3330 is Ivy Bridge i5, so it's good.

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