Schlampë's Raid Achivments

Geting bored of the fluffy pandas? Miss the old Bc / WoTlk raids? Hate the 3 day quest grind to 90? Guild raids isint enough for you? Then come join Schlampë's Raid Achivments!

Some pepole might have remembered my 250k Hk grind back in cata that lasted for 3 mhonths and got picked up by my firend. Well im starting the same thing agean, but with raids! Every Weekend 11 am Eastern - 10 pm Eastern ill be hosting raids! Every raid in WoW ( With some execptions) , All achivments ( Or atleast ones that can be done on hero mode and onces that cant week after) , All hardmodes ( I have no disclaimer here, everyhting on 25 man hero )!

If you would like to join for a run relaxed form of raiding while getting those Heroic achivments youve allways wanted then join the Team now! You can join at any point and leave at any point youd like.

"Banned" Raids

Molten Core ( 40 ) - To many pepole rolling on the bindings they need , not fair if you've been farming it for 2 yrs ( Like i have ), and you lose the binding you needed.

Kara ( 10 ) - Only doing 25 man raids

Mag's Lair (25) - No transmog gear, easly soloable ive been soloing it sence lvl 80.

Tempest Keep (25) - I run a weekly 4 man for the mount, not doing it with a full raid.

Hopefuly you can understand why we wount be doing those raids. :)

No need to apply anywhere and there are NO Requirements execpt be a lvl 85 at min ( for Hero Cata Raids). Just add me on Real Id ( and send me a shoutout when ever youd like to join!



Hero Throne Of The Four Winds - "Of the Four Winds" Title for killing Hero Al'AkirHero
Black Wing Desent - " Blackwing's Bane " Title for killing Hero Nefarion
Hero Bastion Of Twilight - "Dragonslayer" Title for killing Sinestra
Hero Icecrown Citidel - "Light of Dawn" Title for killing Litch King + Chance at mount drop
Sunwell - Legendary Bow drop from last boss
Black Wing Lair - Why not?
Onxya - Reins of the Onyxyan Drake drop that looks like Onxya
(If we have time we will do Hero Dragon Soul aswel)


Trial of Grand Crusader - Achivments
Onyx Sanctum - 100% drop rate on Reins of the Twilight Drake + "Twilight Vanquisher" TitleMalygos' Lair - Chance for Reins of the Azure Drake
Guru's Lair - Why not?
Firelands - "Firelord" Title for killing Ragnaros and chance at Reins of the Pureblood Fire Hawk ( NOT 100% anymore), also chance at a reskined Raiven Lord that is made of lava off Alythrazor (Ik spelling is wrong)
Nax - Achivment Jockey
Seperntshine Cavern - Transmog Gear
Black Temple - Chance at Rogue/Dk/Warr Legendaries
(If we have time afterwards we will continue Ds from previous day or start Ds if we din't yestorday)
Ulduar - Alone in the Darkness Yogg Saron with a chance at Mimrons Head aswel as "Astral Walker" Title for killing Algalon

If there were any achivments we couldent do on hero one week we will go back the second week and do those bosses on normal ( Ik, sadface, normal is to easy) so everyone can get the achivment! So if youve allways wanted that one Meta you thought youd never get then join Schlampë's Raid Achivments and have some fun!
H rag Kill at 12 server today. Ave, you mad bro? So what i dont allow yer !@#$ guild to come, no reason to say %^-* about my guild for it? What kind of leadership does that show.

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