Why is your character in Pandaria?

Moon Guard
Oranu's primary motivation for being on the continent is to investigate the Sha and the Klaxxi, anywhere the Old Gods are present in any form he's going to arrive. There is also the unique opportunity to experience new martial training and develop new weapon systems.
I'm not.

Still dead.
Vanstern is running from Systar. I have a mini-storyline going on with a few players over it. He was recruited back into the Skyfire crew as a field medic. He's trying to lay low.
Got drafted.

Stupid airship lady...
Tradae went to Pandaria hoping to find the one thing missing from her ultimate spell. And to experience the new culture.
Lutharias is investigating the goings on in Pandaria on behalf of the Argent Crusade to both monitor the activities of the Alliance and Horde as well as monitor the Sha, and ensure that neither become a threat to the rest of Azeroth. Other than that, Lutharias is interested in finding out about Pandaren culture, their philosophies, ways of life, etc.
Edyrem managed to catch a ride over with part of the Alliance military, solely so she could disappear off on her own and study the Pandaren and their lands.

On that note, she's been rather unsuccessful, as she tends to just sit and observe rather than ask questions openly. So if any hapless Pandaren feel like striking up some RP, just lemme know as soon as the stupid servers let everyone login again.
Caelera's still stuck in the Twilight Grove with the rest of the Guardians. My hunter, Ashenscar, however, is there for several reasons, exploration, learning of new lands, and searching for her sister among them. The last one's sort of a long shot, but it's been thousands of years and she figures it's better than just giving up.
Pandas need barristers.
Renna likes the food. Honestly, that's what has caused her to want to stick around - as flimsy as that is.
sorta temperaly retiring from adventureing by working on a far, her minions help out by pulling weeds. it kinda gets irksum when her fel imp starts writing people love notes in Datocus's name ... Imps... can't live with them and can't behead they with out the twin axe of Xixfir...
Look, it's very simple. New places = new opportunities = money!
Because of his fifteen years of combat and leadership experience, Erryk's Liege-Lord "requested" that he lead an expedition on the new continent. The plan is as follows.

1. Explore all of Pandaria in the interest of discovering the best locations for mining ghost iron.

2. Build an alliance with the locals in the interest of establishing trade and mining rights.

3. Establish trade routes between Pandaria and Thorn's Reach (The Thorns own ships) and use any profits to rebuild their settlements in Lordaeron and wage war on the forsaken.

4. Establish a base of operations somewhere on the new continent.

5. Slaughter any orcs they encounter on the new continent, because after what they did to Theramore, the only good orc is a dead orc.

It gives our guild and the people we RP with a reason to spend a lot of time on Pandaria IC, rather than RPing in the same old boring places like Stormwind.
Argent Crusade sent a group of people, myself included, to make sure the Alliance and (especially) the Horde don't try to claim the land as their own. Argents' view: The land is already claimed, and mostly by a people who don't care to choose sides.

Basically, I'm there to make sure the rest of you BEHAVE! And right now, with what went on with the Jinyu and the Hozen, we are *not* amused... -.-
Orders from the Cenarion Circle to do cartography and of course emissary work (help out the indigenous peoples...Jinyu...Pandaren etc.)
I live there?
Andrithan (my Paladin) was on one of the warships that crashed there. He was with the Horde forces that the Alliance players fight in Jade Forest, before he and the survivors make their way to Grookin hill.
Ended up on an interceptor class ship which was promptly blown up by the remains of the horde fleet and is now stuck for a while.
Sent by the Warchief as one of the initial forces, crash landed. Like a boss.
Ferenold's not there, and I can't imagine he's ever going to go there due to the fact that lore-wise, it takes such a long amount of time to get there.

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