I have heard rumblings from the gods...

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I was standing there facing a rare monk when the world suddenly went black. "Chi-Lao, are you ok?" I asked of my companion. She replied that she was in a haze, stuck somewhere between the mortal plane and Kun-Lai. I waited patiently, meditating, but I was unable to re-enter the realm of my existence.

I paused for a moment, contemplating my fate. Was this the Sha's handiwork? Had I been imprisoned without my knowing? Was I trapped forever? I reached out with the last chi I had to the spirits of the other world, which is how I ended up here with this tale.

If anyone should receive my message, please rescue me. I fear that I am not alone in this place of non-existence. I seek to return to my training so that I may become a Master Monk. I need your help. The Gods must me listening. Surely they will hear my plea.
I have heard rumblings from the gods, but I am still awaiting release from this prison. My family, friends, and colleagues are imprisoned as well. The god Nethaera has spoken, but the news was not reassuring. "Hold tight," she said.

Meanwhile, this prison is a mess. Master Cho taught me to make the most of my time, so I have taken to cleaning this damnable place. If I must remain here for some time, I am not going to do so sitting in filth.
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Chi-Lao just told me that her toilet is not working. Breakfast is wearing off and I fear this will be unpleasant even for our captors. I left my equipment back at the farm. Oh, the farm. My carrots, my precious carrots. I hope I am released soon, I must attend to them. Master Li will not be pleased if I serve him smooshy carrot stew.
They just slid lunch under the door. What is this hell. What did I do to deserve this treatment? Surely heroes are coming soon...
That noise… what.. is.. that… noise? This has been going on for what seems an eternity. I must remain focused, must continue to meditate. Help will arrive soon.
I love this monk.
Master Li has reached me through the spirit world. There is great strife across Azeroth. I may be in this prison for some time. Trying to keep my spirits high, but it is draining my energy to do so. I wish that I had a scroll to read.
Entire cities are dying! I am left to rot in here, unable to help. My family! What has happened to my family? This is most depressing. If I could just get out of this prison, I may be able to kill enough wild boars to reach the level of Master Monk and defeat the evil that has besieged Azeroth.
It is dark again. I must be fading in and out of consciousness. Maybe this is just a bad nightmare. A monk can dream. My plans for facing Coren Direbrew this evening are officially cancelled. After he mocked cousin Jeb Stormstout, I was ready to give that dwarf a piece of my mind, as well as a lesson in brewing. Alas, I will not be strong enough to do so.
Master Cho has rescued me!

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