Cross-Realm Zones MUST GO!

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So i return to come play Mists after leaving mid way through cata to find new implemented cross realm zones where all realms in our battlegroups are phased into zones to have people leveling with each other from what i've heard. I can understand that blizzard wants to re-populate these lower leveling zones with people questing but they did the complete opposite by not phasing out higher level characters in the zones from the people that are the appropriate level for that zone. I don't know about you but it was so bad leveling my warlock to 90 i don't want to level another character because of the excessive ganking by people 40 levels higher than me and camped. Yes i play on a PvP server but i choose to play on one because of freinds on it and that world PvP is fun but not when you have a zone over populated by higher level players ganking.

To possibly counter this Blizzard could fallow the level range for zones any player over the lvl cap will be put into another phase with other players above that level cap. This way those who are under that cap can quest and if ganked it can be noted as fair pvp and not just somone 40 levels or so higher killing only because your a low level.

Cross-Realm zones need to go blizzard....this addon to the game was rushed in my opinion and is killing the whole point of the game, to level and quest but how can we do this when there's people mass killing from other realms, Server communities were what made a server what it is today and now it doesn't even matter.
Good luck not getting deleted for not liking the CRZ .. try this forum thread 600 pages and counting..
Im for the CRZ, this will be awesome for open world bosses.
Why you rolled on a pvp server is irrelevant, you are on a pvp server and agreed to be flagged for everyone of the opposing faction.

People ganking lowbies is a legitimate pvp tactic according to Blizz so I highly doubt your phasing issue will happen, which is good because it is a horrible idea.
We all need to keep petitioning for blizzard to end this cross realm or at least make an opt-in option. Allow people to chose whether they want to take part in cross realm or not. Throwing us in with a bunch of other people is not right. Some of us like to quest by ourselves and not be bothered with having to wait on every single quest for things to respawn and fight others for quest items! Blizzard you need to listen to your customers giving at least an opt-in option would make everybody happy, instead of making us suffer! (I posted this here because the other forum is full)
Blizz already said they don't give a rats a$$ about us regarding CRZ.

So it's here to stay. And I'm done at the end of my sub if it stays especially in it's current buggy state. (not like they our anyone cares ><)

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