Hello,i know both class has nothing to do with each other but i really enjoy both of them and can't really decide wich one to focus as my main character.Can u guys give me a hand nad help me to decide what to pick?i'll be playing both pvp and pve as a dps,always!
Warrior and go Tank for Instant Queue's.
Queues are pretty quick for DPS leveling too... Guessing they are different at level 90 by the previous comment???
I'm in the exact same dilemma. I can't decide whether I want to take my fury warrior to 90, or a fire mage.

I'm trying to decide from a pure PvE standpoint.
Queues are really quick now because of new expansion and monks. Since theres alot of people leveling, queues are really fast for all specs. But @ cap theres always shortage of tanks.

IMO, choose based on looks. Both Fury and mage sims are top 5 dps. Check tier 14, challenge mode and season 12 sets and see which you like more.

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