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Hey all, I'm not particularly good with macros, so I'm looking for some help making a macro for spells like Execution Sentence and Holy Prism. Basically, I want a macro that when I press the button, the spell automatically selects me as a target without making me loose my current target.

To make things more complicated, I also want to be able to press the button while pushing a button, say the Shift key, and instead have the spell target my target.

Any thoughts?
/use [mod:shift][@player]Holy Prism

If it doesn't work, make sure you don't have shift + your key bound to anything and don't have shift set to your self/focus cast key in the Interface menu.

The macro system also has trouble with spells that turn into other spells with talents/glyphs (like Word of Glory -> Eternal Flame). You may need to use the base spell name rather than the replacement.
I just tried your macro out in-game; it works perfectly! If altered appropriately, this could theoretically make Glyph of Harsh Words somewhat useful for me while trying to do dailies as Prot!

Thanks Choon!

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