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It's no LOST, but the same people who wrote LOST are writing this.

Just wondering if anyone else watches it and or what your theories might be.

My take? I cannot figure out who the bad guy is. Regina and Gold both have their redeeming qualities....
I watch it, haven't missed a episode yet. Since it's the new season, most of my theories were either already achieved by the end of last season or were busted.
However, I have a theory that everyone may somehow get along with each other overtime and then have a once in a life time chance to return back to their enchanted forest. Regina will probably give up Henry with a sad scene because she can't resist the temptation of magic, but doesn't want to hurt anyone either, so she leaves along with maybe a few others.
The ending to will probably be allot better then LOST since there were allot of people that didn't quite understand it.
I wish Henry would hug Regina, just once!
It's a fantastic show. And I want to hug Regina, just once!
10/10/2012 02:53 PMPosted by Umberlee
I wish Henry would hug Regina, just once!

I was SO hoping he would this last episode. She was genuine. Can't blame him for being pissed though. Kid's got a point.
To hell with Henry. I want him to die of drowning after being eaten by a toothless ogre and pooped out into a very deep well. I hate that brat.
When I saw this thread title, I instantly thought of the movie Yellow Submarine: "Once upon a time... or twice... there was a land called Pepperland."
I watch it; I quite like it. I'm not crazy with how they made Regina a more sympathetic character (so far) this season, as I was more fond of her as a pure villain like from the first season, but in general, this show is something I make a point to DVR every week.

Plus, Jane Espenson (writer for most every Whedon show that's been on television so far) is amazing as a writer.
I agree, the writing is phenomenal.

So who do you think the underlying bad guy really is then? Can't be Regina... she still has the ability to love.... I haven't figured out Gold.

Who was the guy in the beginning that dropped his cell and got the post card from the pigeon? I looked all over the room, PAUSED IT and everything. I couldn't tell -- they didn't even drop hints that time. Think it's Bael?

And who is Dr. Whale? If Charming's not his prince.... Idk...

Can't wait to see the next episode -- Lancelot... this gonna be good.


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