Blingtron 4000

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10/08/2012 08:16 AMPosted by Liqiu
When my main gets up to 600 Engineering, and I can build a Blingbot, I'll just drop the thing in the middle of Org every day, accompanied by a yell calling it out. Why not let other people access it? I'm not gonna go hide in an instance and drop it only for myself.

I was thinking about dropping mine in SW and placing a marker and my elder moonstone over it with a yell. I like making others happy, even if everyone thinks everyone else is a total jerk.
I'm raging so hard over this.
I worked hard, day-in day-out to have generosity:
Giving a /wave or /hi before I gank someone.
Only corpse camping lowbies for 5 minutes at a time.
Only reselling vendor items for 500% markup.
Also, I gave up repeatedly sapping lowbies on my rogue.

And now engineers get it on a daily cooldown?
So anyone actually have links to what it drops I'm just curious :)
I usually have one up every day on Llane in Halfhill or Shrine of Two Moons.

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