Need 4 full sets of Contenders Satin.

Am willing to pay in golds. Shiny shiny golds. Please reply here with your price, as well as the name of your toon to contact in-game.
Hide your children, hide your wives.
No replies?

No replies??!?!?!


I guess I'm not in that much of a rush, considering I'm only halfway to 90 fro 89.
It's much easier if you use all the cloth you get while leveling and supply your own materials, all the contender set takes is cloth. No spirits of harmony or anything like that. Just tip about 50-100g per piece.

Unfortunately for you I doubt that will be enough for four sets, considering all of your characters split the cloth.

I can only make a couple pieces from it, but I'll make you those if you send me mats and cookies :)
I have extra Spirits of Harmony and might be able to buy the patterns that Kytai doesn't have in order to outfit you, Aphia. Just let me know which ones you need. I have an abundance of cloth and I would love to help out!
I sold all the cloth I earned while leveling Because barrel toaster on a pink farm with where the is and not.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't make sense.

I shall acquire the cloth and track down the tiny, adorable gnome. There will be TAILORING.
10/09/2012 02:57 AMPosted by Omnilock
There will be TAILORING.

I think I just felt the very foundations of the earth shudder in fear.
10/12/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Antimony
I think I just felt the very foundations of the earth shudder in fear.

You're a panda, so that was probably just your stomach.
I don't understand how there can be so many Pandas on Pandaria.

Pandas don't breed, even if absolutely forced to. They only want to eat food that can't possibly sustain their mass. FOR FELS SAKE THEY'RE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO FIRE AND LAWN MOWERS.

It doesn't make sense.

Oh, as for the original request: I have the main pieces (head, chest, legs, gloves), and the more esoteric pieces are ridiculously expensive on the AH. I haven't been online at the same time as Kytai since I made this request, and no one else I know seems to have the other pieces. On the other hand, I'm earning like 1k honor per hour in BGs, so I might just gear up with honor stuff.

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