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I am seriously confused and don't know if I'm dealing with a bug on pet battle dailies, or if I'm just doing it all wrong. :-)

I have defeated the master pet tamers on both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms (Alliance quest chains). I am now (with this character) continuing the quest chain in Outland, but I *thought* I could use other toons (so far I've only tried this with other Alliance toons) to pick up and complete pet battle dailies in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.

Welp, I've travelled to every pet battle tamer in Kalimdor (all 5 of them from the last part of that quest chain) and visited the master pet tamer in Winterspring, and none of them have dailies for me.

Bug? I haven't unlocked something?

Thanks for any help. I really want to start using those dailies to level up some of my baby pets!
I have the same problem. The only daily i have is outland. That is the last zone i beat. It feels like once you beat a zone the daily from the previous zone disapears. Cant confirm that, but that is what hapend to me.
I am having the same problem. I was able to do the dailies one time, but they never reset on following days.
It's been 10+ days for me. I cannot do dailies. Only Nearly Headless Nick resets and sometimes Okrut Dragonwaste.

I've submitted bug reports, put in a ticket with a GM (which I had to wait 7 days by the way), and been posting non stop on this forum.

I even tweeted a reply on the developer's twitter when they announced they had found the bug and fixed it.

This is a big loss of EXP not being able to do the dailies =(
Blizzard said give them through the next maintenance (Tuesday.)

Let's see.

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