Pet spawn times

Pet Battles
Do they have same spawn times with the normal mobs near them?
Like the irradiated roaches. There are critters inside the gnomeregan but no battle pet to be seen.
I think you can find the battle pet versions of those at the gnome starting zone, the toxic area. As for your question, I'm not sure.
Ya i found 2 there, and I killed em thinking they will spawn more. But now its been an hour and no new ones.
I am not sure what is up with that pet and why it takes so long for them to respawn.

I am assuming you are after a rare/uncommon. So, might I make a suggestion to you =)

Make a gnome on a low population server and try looking for one. Battle pets are account bound and so is the ability to engage them. Just take your level 1 gnome and go roach hunting. You should find one pretty fast that way.

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