Best melle class for burst PvP

Hey guys, so basically I've been gone from WoW for about a year or so now and I've decided to come back with a focus on Arena/RBGs.

Ranged/healers aren't really my thing, I've always been a melle guy, the thing I wan't the most in a melle class/spec is burst.

So with that in mind which of these would provide the most burst without CDs? And with CDs?

Ret pally, DK, Feral druid, Rogue, WW Monk, and Warrior.

Also which of these is the most viable (nice way of saying OP) in arena and RBGs? I've heard bad things about Rogues and Monks.

Sorry for being another generic "Lol what's the best class guize?" thread, but I feel like I'm really out of the loop when it comes to the changes that the classes have been through and I need some guidance here.
warrior and ret are both good
make a dk if you ever plan on getting into a rbg group
10/08/2012 07:00 PMPosted by Syfix
make a dk if you ever plan on getting into a rbg group

Why? Warrior and Ret aren't viable in RBGs?
Imo they cant really drop everything once they pop their macro once every 5 minutes the sustained is too low and the burst is too high
By they you mean Ret and Warriors?
Um Ret has ok burst but mediocre sustained damage. It's also not a "I SMASH THINGS" class. We're all about support so outside of that 3min window we're getting trained pretty hard.

Warriors are going to take it in the butt very soon. Right now they're stupid OP.

Your best bet would be DKs. I think they're not OP enough to get smacked with the nerf stick at this stage so after warriors are brought inline DKs will be number 1 melee.

Rogues have usually turned out pretty solid by the end of the expansion but are currently the worst melee. Long term should be fine tho.

No comment on feral.
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