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i just got a new set of gloves and i put in 2 stormy river gems (cause im a BS) after i got them enchanted and went in a bg i noticed both my gems were not only not in my gloves but were removed from my stack of 4 ? wtf gives?
They're showing on your Armory page, so there is a chance it's just a UI glitch. If you do a full UI reset that should fix it so you can see them.
It's probably a UI issue. I see you have the gems on your gloves when I look at your armory page.

Disable your addons and check again.

If not do a UI reset by moving your WTF/Cache/INterface folders and letting the game make new ones. You can move the old folders back after if you want.
Those are my old gloves. ill try that though
still same problem :S and the armory gloves are not the new ones I acquired.
The gloves updated for me, and they don't have a gem in them now, or showing the extra slow from being a BS or a tinker (if you added one).

If you did the full on UI reset, and you're sure that you placed gems in them, you're probably going to have to open a ticket and ask a GM to look into it for you. I don't know if or how their logs will show anything, but it would be your only option at this point.
4DAY 6Hr wait time... ill just suck up the gold.. *crys*

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