windwalker or mistweaver

hi im soon going to have mop and am going to start a new monk, just wondering what is the best spec to lvl in, i like doing big numbers but also like staying alive and having less downtime

if always rly been a dps but im willing to try mistweaver for healing in dungeons also

Brewmaster is the best leveling spec
Brewmaster will get you insta-queue times and I have heard that it is a blast...besides, who doesn't want to drunkenly fight and throw kegs of beer at their enemies while being very hard to kill??

Mistweaver will give you NEAR insta-queue times depending on the time. I personally think it is a blast to play with. If you play it right, you will almost never die in BG's and you can do pretty amazing healing in dungeons. An added factor to this is that mistweavers can DPS (this doesn't mean you should queue as DPS if you're mistweaver). This is called fistweaving. You are able to kill things, but 50% of the damage you do is healed to you and your group. Personally, I have been able to come in second place on the damage meters as mistweaver.

Windwalker... I have not heard or experimented with this spec, so I cannot help you there.
everything i hear on these forums about brewmasters ppl say they are squishy tanks and are no good, i see alot of ppl saying mistweavers are the best for lvling also just wanted more oppinions. now i have ppl saying brewmasters are good for lvling...

hmm bit confused
Those people are wrong. I've been leveling a brewmaster almost exclusively through instances. The key (chi) to tanking as a brewmaster is to keep your defenses up and use your full suite of abilities. It's fun to roll out of a group, and clash that distant caster. Effectively stunning the whole group and pulling the caster in.

Get your guard up, blackout kick for stagger, and keep keg smash on CD. Get used to throwing your beer on mobs you want to pull. Light them on fire and spinning crane kick. Watch the numbers roll in.

Have a pesky caster and clash is on CD? Roll over and paralyze him. Roll back into the group.

In fact roll can even be used as a means of giving yourself a little extra breathing room. Defenses down, low on chi? Roll out, pop a heal on yourself, and clash the mob in the back of the group for a few more seconds.

Monks are a lot of fun to tank with, but only if you're taking advantage of their mobility, stuns, and short cooldowns.
Get your guard up, blackout kick for stagger.

That's the key right there you want to keep your guard up the whole time, 30 sec buff 30 sec cd.

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