Archaeology: Keystones are not dropping

Has anyone received a Night Elf, Tol'vir or Troll keystone AFTER completing Archaeology in Pandaria? I have done over 700 digs and have not found even 1. I can only find Dwarf key stones.
I've also noticed only Dwarf keystones are appearing on the AH, and nothing else since MoP.

I have sent two tickets to support but they both dismissed it as me being unlucky, although they both demonstrated they had no idea what I was even talking about. However anyone would know the chances of not finding a keystone after over 700 digs are extremely low.

If I am just being unlucky it should only take 1 person to get a NE, Tol'vir or Troll key stone to prove me wrong. Keep in mind that I noticed this only after finishing the Pandaria rares.
I, too, have found all of the Pandaren rares. I am checking this out for you right now. I'll post more info after the restart!
Any luck so far?
Renamed thread to be more to the point.
Ok, no luck so far.

At first, I thought maybe it was only races that I had gotten fragments from trading in restored artifacts. I traded in for: Tolvir, Vykrul, NE, and Nerubian fragments. I headed out to Outlands to do some Arch, thinking that if I got Draenei or Orc keystones, that this may be a possibility.

Here's my count so far, with no keystones:
-8 NE digsites (all Kalimdor)
-1 Tolvir digsite
-4 Dwarf (all EK)
-3 Draenei
-8 Orc

For a total of 144 total digs or chances at a keystone. It's not nearly as much as 700 digs, but I'll keep digging when I'm not doing dailies!
I also have not seen a single keystone drop since MoP (except Mogu & Pandaren).
I've probably done at least 200 digs with no keystones to show for it in Kalimdor. I'll try Eastern Kingdoms tonight and see what happens.
Eveholt, the chance of not getting any keystones after 144 digs are 0.006%

Gilthoniel the chance of yours is 0.000006%

The chance of my now near 750 digs not getting a single keystone is 0.00000000000000000000000007%

We should all buy lotto tickets.

The simpler explanation is that it is bugged.

I predict that you'll find Dwarf Rune Stone's in EK Gilthoniel, but no Troll Tablets.
I wonder if there's some weird interaction with Brann now giving fragments for artifacts. That's the only thing I can think of that may have affected it.

Shoot, I wish I could give you some from my bank.
I haven't traded any of my artifacts for fragments yet, so it probably isn't that, at least not directly.
Perhaps when you start crating artifacts it triggers something that disables the Azerothian keystones.
Gilthoniel any more luck? It seems more people are realising this issue now.

I hope it doesn't take much longer for this to be addressed, I would like to go back to doing Archaeology at some point.

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