[A]12/12 ToT Prosapia LF lock and Holy pally

Prosapia is looking for a holy pally and a warlock to fill out our 10man roster and push into ToT heroics. We are an alliance guild on Cenarius and the bulk of the raid group has been raiding together for several years now. We raid two nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday 6 - 930 PST, and operate under the philosophy of making fewer, smarter pulls given our shorter raid week. Because we raid two nights a week we are looking for skilled, intelligent players that can pull their own weight, communicate well, and of course stay out of fire.

We are looking for the following combination of classes and players should have a 515 ilevel at the least.

Healer - Holy Pally

Our progression in the previous tier was 2/6 Heroic MSV and all other content cleared on normal. Going into ToT we strive to do better and are currently 12/12 with a rapid Lei Shen kill and expect Jin'rohk to follow next week.

On off nights we tend to run LFR as a guild and whatever other content strikes us. Our raid is close knit, has good humor so having a sense of humor is a plus.

Please contact Ashem or Ilthiana in game either directly, by mail, or via battle tag (Thaleras#1397).

You can also apply at your website http://www.prosapia.shivtr.com/
Post updated with raid progress and changes to raid needs.
Still looking for dps and heals.
Bumping for updates.
Updated with current progress.
Updated with changes of needs and progress
Looking for a Ret pally and healer still

Currently, my boyfriend and I are looking into possibly transferring to Cenarius. We are looking for a raiding guild that is interested in progression. Our last guild stalled out due to severe attendance issues. We both have raiding experience that dates back to Vanilla/BC times on various toons. We did leave Cata for a bit to try out another game, but besides that break we have been playing WoW for a pretty long time. Currently, we are 4/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF. We are both dedicated, come prepared and learn quickly. We are hoping to find some like minded individuals. : 0

Ardithia: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Ardithia/simple

Nopraptor: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Nopraptor/simple

Transfering and faction changing is not a problem. We live on the west coast and would require a raid time after 6 pm PST and end no later than 11 pm PST. We would prefer a 10 man guild since we are used to the more smaller group. If you are in need of some good dps and a good heals, please contact us. We would appreciate hearing from you.

You can contact us in game at either Ardi#1154 or Nopraptor#1723

thank you!
Updated with current needs
All normal content cleared, looking for a healer and dps for heroics.
Looking for a solid DPS DK for heroic MSV and beyond.
hey guys, wanted to thank u again for letting me raid with u guys. awsome group. they know their shiz. id so join but u guys just run too early for my schedule D:
Still looking for A Blood DK and a rogue or feral dps
Post updated with current needs. Priority on Elemental shaman and healer. Also need plate DPS
Just need a plate dps and a healer now.
Updated with current progression, still need heals and a plate dps.
Updated with current progression, need a healer.
Updated with current progress, need a plate dps and a healer.
Still looking for a healer and plate dps to help us finish off Lei Shen and move into heroics.
Looking for a Lock and Holy pally to join us in heroics

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