Destruction help

Hey guys, I basically put my lock on the shelf since WoTLK and picked him back up in MOP. Loving it so far and decided to go destro as it has always been my favorite spec.

It seems that the burning embers take forever to build I doing something wrong here? Basically my rotation for questing is:

CoE to open up
Conflagrate if it's up
Spam Incin
Pop CB when it's available

Is there other ways to build BE faster? I also glyphed for the extra BE slot but I'm thinking about taking that out since it's a pain for me to just get 3 BE let alone 4...

Thanks for all feedback!
try to finish stuff off with shadow burn. it does huge damage and seems to give two embers back and not just one like it says in game.
Try being a little more conservative with Chaos Bolt and save your last ember for Shadowburn. If the mob is just above 20%, take a moment to let Immo, Fel Flame, or pet damage bring it under. Waiting a couple seconds for 2 embers will definitely help streamline the murdering of quest mobs.
Raid of Fire builds Embers when it hits targets with Immolate on it. You can AoE Immolate using Fire and Brimstone. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think it's like that.

You can spend extra Embers on Fire and Brimstone (FaB?) to cast Incinerate on multiple targets. And when those Incins hit their targets, they generate more Embers along side the already-ticking Rain of Fire and Immolate.
at lower gear levels it takes longer to build the embers. i found when i started doing MOP heroics and getting my ilevel around 445, that the embers started to accumulate faster with the increased stats from gear (haste). and now when i hit conflag, its a way more noticeable haste buff, and spamming incinerate the embers started to build quicker. my destro lock felt a little "broken" areound levels 88-89. but with level 90 and an ilevel around 445, you will really start to shine and kick !@# again.

this is starting to get fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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