[H] Incursion - One Night Per Week Raiding

Want to raid and be successful without spending multiple nights working on progression every week? We're looking for the best of the best to form a new 10-man raid team - limited to one raid night per week.

We raid Thursday nights 8pm-11pm.

Mature audiences only, please. We try to have a lot of fun between pulls and on farm content, but we expect everyone to get serious for progression. You'll be expected to know your class well, have optimal enchants, gems, etc and bring the proper consumables to our raids. Consistently poor performance will not be tolerated. Please understand that progression may be slower only raiding one night per week, but we still expect to clear all raid content while its relevant every tier.

Contact myself - Zaldii - in-game for more information or to apply. Feel free to send me an in-game mail if I'm not online too.

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