Ox Deck Issue w/No Notification of Change

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Ya, throw logic out the window b/c I guess only the haters and lamers have time to reply with baseless retorts grounded in nonsense. Not addressing yesterday's wrong doing, does not justify it as a right action, today. I can easily say that some thug cement head should not be replying into a post telling me that companies aren't responsible for the services they provide or the quality of its care, and most better business bureaus wold strongly agree with me. In fact. so do you every time you file a complaint or return a product.

Here's the interesting note: When it happens to someone else, then it is certainly "that person's" fault.

It's called the correspondence bias or "aka" The Fundamental Attribution Error.


Try reading & understanding how you fit into this well studied and poorly understood psychological phenomena. I understand that in your best judgment, this is my fault. I also understand, that that line of reasoning, is your fault, and the fault of many, many others! :D

Lastly, to speak to the friendly gentleman who understood the analytic of "one not possibly knowing" versus "guessing based on a hope rather than a pattern in behavior," I guess people do not clearly know what the gamblers fallacy is. It's pretty simple, either way: Dice do not have memory. You cannot possibly be right, not scientifically in any reasoning based in fact. That's a nice way of saying. You guessed. The probability of predicting said behavior was no better than chance. In other words, you didn't KNOW s q u a t.

They can read up on that, as well, if it is perplexing. Again, education is advantage.

The point is, that isn't supposed to be a variable, and i stated the only 2 reasons as to why it is. Thanks to the few who have chimed in support of this.
injustice you're missing key pieces of information. Pls re-read and research the tank trinks and you will see.

and to some point I agree: It was such an OBVIOUS oversight, that it is inexcusable to allow it to go unnoticed until the gold launch. It should have been caught in beta (easily) and all of the crap could have been avoided.
People who deal with tech understand that it sucks hard to be an early adopter because you always end up with a worse product that you paid more for. Same thing for folks who leveled professions early and tried to get in on the riches at a start of an expansion. It's a land mine out there.

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