[BUG] 2 Sha of Anger's spawned plus another.

Bug Report
Yes hi Mikuri here :D

So i was sitting in tradechat at around 5:09 pm EST/ Server on the server Ysera when i saw a group for sha of anger. So like anybody i rushed to get in to the group in order to get my kill for the week.

So me and a few other players get there and we see Sha of Anger spawned near shado-pan fallback and quickly tell everybody his current location. It wasn't until another player north of us made it aware another Sha had spawned at the burnlap trail. We were all "hey lets kill both even tho we won't get loot the 2nd time." Well when we had the first one almost dead he despawned. we rushed over to the 2nd and he had also despawned. Sha had respawned a few secs later on another burnlap trail spawn point and we killed him.

(While typing this at 5:34 pm server/ EST) My toon was still in kun-lai, npcscan picked up a rare so i went and killed him when all of a sudden when i killed the rare there was Sha of Anger yelling in chat "you will not bury me again" i went to check it out and indeed he had respawned 15 minutes after we had killed Sha of Anger.

Picture proof of 2 spawned at once - http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/283/6/5/wowscrnshot_100912_171102_by_alexavis-d5hezi7.jpg

(again while typing after i alerted trade chat of his respawn. 5:46pm EST/Server) Somebody told me that he is ment to spawn 2 at a time (if true then both despawning when almost died is a bug) and that his respawn is now 15mins or so. Which i find silly for a "world boss" but hey i guess it's just VOA and BH only now in a zone instead of a raid : /

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