<Ascend> reform casual raid group LFM

Small group of experienced WoW players looking for a few more to do casual raid schedule. We are running Friday night each week from 8pm PST until approx. Midnight. We also do raid finder during the week together when possible. Plan is to focus on farming Normal 10s and perhaps challenging ourselves with some Heroic 10s later (i.e. farm normals and attempt to beat some heroics as time/consistency allows).

If you are tired of the multi-night time commitment (like we are) of trying to put heroic content on farm for slightly better loot, and have busy RL that keeps your play time down, this might be a good fit for you.

If you raid heavily elsewhere, but want to commit an alt to Fri nights with us for fun/change of pace, this might be the place for you (no slackers or free-loaders though, show up and pull your weight please).

More details, class needs, etc. are all available @ guild-ascend.guildlaunch.com

Throw in a short app if interested, and it seems like a good fit, and we can chat on Vent further.

Thanks for the time / any interest in advance.

Still Looking to fill our last permanent DPS slot - Hunter or Warlock preferred, but others might be accepted as well. Not accepting melee DPS apps unless you are incredibly skilled and consistent.
Still looking ^
I'd be very interested in raiding with you guys on this character (especially since Friday/Saturdays are my only days off), but it doesn't look like you're looking for a Hunter atm. :/
We are less particular about winding up with perfect comp DPS-wise vs. getting the right players. Toss in a quick app and we can chat in game/over vent.
Topic updated with current class preferences.
Still looking, really need to fill second tank spot, last couple far less important.

Plate Tank - Preferably Paladin or Warrior!
The single night raiding schedule definitely appeals to me and I would be interested. The fact that raid-finder is also used to do raids in the middle of the week sounds like fun.

If there is any interest in a DK tank please let me now.

I'd consider a skilled DK tank in place of a Paladin or Warrior, but that token is pretty full at the moment. Feel free to visit the website and throw in an app if you like what you read there and are interested and able to commit to the run on a VERY consistent basis (Tank consistency is more important than just about everything else).

Up ^
Class needs updated, still looking for a Warlock and/or Enh/Ele Shaman!
Up ^
Needs updated above, still looking for a DPS or two.
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Just looking to fill one DPS spot each Friday now. We would consider Warlock, Shaman, Warrior, or Paladin for this.
Still on the lookout for a consistent and skilled elemental shaman or warlock. other cloth or mail dps would be considered, if it seems like a great fit.

Pugging this slot each Friday until we find the right individual for this, so hit us up if interested!
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Up ^
Cough cough
You know the deal.
Bumping this due to a DPS opening - We are 6/6 MsV, and plan on farming it a bit and then moving full time into Heart of Fear come January (after the holidays).

Considering apps from highly skilled and consistent Lock or Hunter.

Would consider other Ranged DPS apps as well.

Not considering Melee DPS unless incredible - sorry, blame Blizzard :(

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