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Hello! I was tanking the Sha of Anger just minutes ago and my PUG managed to kill him. I used my bonus roll and was given Greaves of the Lost Catacomb (item id:85335). However, the bonus roll is supposed to give gear based on your current spec during the encounter. The greaves are for a DPS DK. As I was tanking, I should have received Legguards of the Lost Catacomb (item id:85315).

I am certain I was given the wrong item. Allow me to quote directly from Ghostcrawler's blog.

"If you have one or more Charms of Good Fortune, then whenever you kill a raid boss (in Raid Finder, normal or heroic) then a new UI window will pop up asking if you want to spend your Charm on a bonus roll. If you click yes, then you’ll instantly get another shot at that boss’s loot table! You will always win something from the bonus roll, such as a pile of gold, gems, or flasks. However, you also have a small (but not miniscule) chance of receiving a piece of epic loot. As with the personal loot system, the item will always be something designed for your current spec. Also, just as with personal loot, the game doesn’t analyze if you already have the item, if the item would be an upgrade for you, or if you prefer axes to swords or anything like that."

Designed for your current spec. Not class. Can something be done about this? Can my Greaves be removed and replaced with Legguards?
I definitely want to know the answer to can they be replaced. As it happens, I just had the same thing happen on my own realm. I tanked the Sha, won bonus loot, and it was the DPS legs. I ticketed a GM, and hopefully it can be replaced. If not that would be a major disappointment as I am now convinced that this is a bug.
I just got my healing tier while dpsing as well from bonus roll.
I wouldnt complain too much, I used a bonus roll and got NOTHING

no gold, no flasks, no epic no gems, not even so much as a "better luck next time" message, the roll was just completely and utterly wasted

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