Rogue heirlooms?

I'm starting my first alt and I wanted to make a rogue but first I want to get the right heirlooms for him. I really only need to get the weapons now but which ones? The daggers? The maces? Swords? Idk and can you give me some advice please? Thanks
Get the daggers
Get them all?

It's just JP and that crap is worthless and easy to obtain at this point.
10/09/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Gyroscope
different ones can go any way.

Get 2 daggers and 1 slow MH. That will set you up for any spec you want to go.

Assassination and Subtlety = Dual Dagger
Combat = Slow MH and Dagger OH.

Have fun affording the Essence of Air for the enchants.
I was going subtlety and I wanted I know which daggers if I was going to be mainly doing pvp

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