Beast Mastery. Please stop asking for Nerfs.

Half of you won't even read the rest of this and just read the title and go "ZOMG You just want to be OP." Simply who doesn't BUT, I agree the damage is insane, and it SHOULDN'T be happening, but it's not nerfs that we need. It's a fix.

Right now pets are punching through resil. They aren't hitting too hard, they aren't hitting too fast, they are hitting you through resil.

Asking for Blizzard to tone down the damage is not going to help. You know why? Because they will tone down the pet damage so that it is where it should be THEN fix the resil issue.
What happens then you ask? They won't buff the pet damage back after the resil fix. Meaning pets will hit for damn near nothing and we will be back to the season 5 or 6 way of looking at pets; missiles that get sent in to die, or that will stay by our side only to give the buffs and the snare breaks.

It pains me that we are broken it truly does. Am I having fun murdering everyone I come across? Yes, and if you say you aren't then to each his own.
Is it fun catching a mage and blowing him up? Yes.
Is it fun catching a rouge and blowing him up? Yes. (they deserve it for BC and last season)
BUT let me reiterate, I DO think the class needs to be fixed, but once again the fix is not nerfing it. The real fix is fixing the pet going through resil. After that if hunters need to be nerfed we'll go from there. BUT PLEASE for the love of Cthulhu stop asking for nerfs before this fix happens.

I am a long time Beast Master player I have always loved the spec, in fact I love it so much go check out my pets.... that's right I tracked down every single spirit beast. I really don't want to see my favorite spec nerfed back to WOTLK style. I know that's not what people are asking for but do you really think Blizzard knows how to softly nerf things? No they nerf it hard, and dirty.

Edit: Just read Ghostcrawlers tweet. This is what happens. He's worried about Hunter burst but Warriors maybe?
Also he is saying the answer may be not allowing all of our CD to be popped at once?
How about fixing the resilience issue? Nah that would be too much work.

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