Healing 10m Raid tomorrow

I healed LFR last night, and didn't know what to expect. I stayed as Tank heals for the most part, since we had a Shammy, Drood, and Priest healer to cover raid for the most part. But there were some times I had to kick in for the AoE healing, and I just felt... underwhelming. My talent choices were Chi Wave instead of Chi Burst, and Invoke Xuen instead of Rushing Jade Wind, so I assume that's a small part of it- though with it being LFR, everyone was running around like headless chickens instead of stacking up, so I don't know how much difference it would have made.

...Long intro is long.

So tomorrow night, I'll be healing 10m Mogu. I'm signed up for tank healing- but am anticipating having to kick in for raid heals again during the big AoE portions. So my question is- talents? I think my group is going to be ranged heavy according to the RL, so I'm not positive how much stacking will be done. Do I go with CB and RJW, and hope people listen to my frantic, "Group up or you're going to die!" shouts in vent? Or do I go with CW for the somewhat smart bounce heals, and Xuen to kick in a bit of DPS and decent little bit of Eminence AoE on my tanks, and suffer feeling a bit underwhelming as far as raid healing in the heavy phases?
Before you talk about talents, what's your rotation, even when you're just healing your tank? Are you keeping Renewing Mist and Thunder Focus Tea on CD? Are you managing your melee range buffs properly?
Renewing Mist and Expel Harm on CD for Chi building and HoTing. Thunder Focus I try to catch on CD, but there were a couple times where I had to let it slip off rotation to focus heal. Chi Wave every third Renewing mist for Chi dump unless the tank is taking heavy damage in which case I Enveloping Mists for my Chi dump. I keep Zeal up. Tiger Strike Chi dump between Chi Waves. Statue is up 100% of the time. Always in melee range of the boss for White Eminence.

Obviously had to make some adjustments on the fly last night since it was LFR, and people were kind of herpderping, but I was pretty on top of management.
Putzing around the forums a bit before class today, I caught some reports that Chi Wave is bugged and not bouncing properly... Not sure if they caught it with a hotfix today or not. I prefer Chi Wave myself, but I switched and am getting better results.

That said, RJW is probably going to be your best bet for 10m content. I haven't had much of a chance to play around with it yet, but it looks like it's going to provide more overall healing, considering its synergy with SCK. All of the reports I'm getting back on raid heals is that SCK+CB are putting other raid healers under the table on HPS.

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