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So i want to create some macros for my traps. I want to have a set of macros that activates trap launcher before activating the trap and I want a set of macros that cancels trap launcher before activating the trap.

/cast trap launcher
/cast snake trap

/cancelaura trap launcher
/cast snake trap

I want to keybing all of the trap launcher activating ones so when i do the keybinding, i shoot it and when i click the button, i drop it.

Well i made the trap launcher activating macro and it seems to create a global cooldown and do nothing with the trap which is wierd because trap launcher doesnt activate gcd.

Now that i think about it, this wouldnt work out because the ones that are supposed to activate trap launcher would cancel it half the time -_-. Trap launcher is helpful but annoying at the same time.

Can anyone help me with this?
Your way: 8 buttons
Having one toggle macro for TL and 4 trap macros: 5 buttons
Im not worried about buttons as the keybinded ones would be invisible for me. I just think toggling trap launcher is annoying.
I fail to see how pressing less buttons to do what you want is more annoying than pressing fewer.
10/10/2012 07:02 AMPosted by Magnolia
I fail to see how pressing less buttons to do what you want is more annoying than pressing fewer.

It's not really pressing less buttons, it's having less keybinds. Your way, any time he wants to switch between dropping a trap at his feet and launching one, he has to press 2 binds. His way, he's pressing 1 no matter what. Personally, I prefer to have launcher always on and have 4 binds and just click where I want the trap at all times, but to each his own.

OP, try:

/cast !trap launcher
/cast snake trap

"!" before the ability name prevents it from toggling and makes it just stay on.
This does help but it doesnt completely solve the problem. ^ When pressing the launcher activating macro, It does activate trap launcher but also launches a global cooldown and says invalid target. (This only happens when trap launcher isnt already activated.) Thanks for the suggestion. If I can make this macro work the way I want it, im sure it will contain the !.
In that case I suspect that it is not possible to activate it (when it is not active) and cast a trap from the same click.

It was the same way in Cata (minus the not-consumed TL buff), you had to separately bind or do a castsequence. I thought maybe they had changed it but I guess not.

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