Getting Conquest Cap... is hilariously uncool

Does anyone else find the number of games annoying to get conquest capped? I have a 2600 cap and my 2s is rank 1 and my 3s is rank 2... Does blizzard really expect players to do like 20-30 games at those ranks just to get conquest capped? They really need to fix the cap back to 8-10 wins for cap.
Luxury problems
Double BM hunter 2's, Double BM hunter 3's. Carry on
You're kinda lame. Just thought you should know.

Makes pointless qq thread to let everyone know where their rankings sit, name drops who they farmed with a broken comp, and then claims to "invent" double bm. Too many lulz there.
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Have nice transmog.

Most hunters dont so.. ^.^
quote fail
10/10/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Demìse

quote fail


Twas intended.

Was referring to my own that resulted in an extra post, but ok good to know.
Uhh.. yes.

Are you actually serious?

Oh no, 20-30 games.

The horror.

You actually have to play a little bit after farming the first week of the season. Cry me a river.
Although I respect you for getting your rating achievements a long time ago, and not by playing double BM this season, you did not invent double BM.

By being the highest double BM does not mean you are just that much better than everyone.

Beast Mastery is a faceroll spec, has been, and always will be. Double BM has always existed. ALWAYS. I have faced it in 2's every season. It is now far more powerful than ever, so it doesn't mean you invented it because its finally viable.
That's like saying the Rank 1 RLS last season invented the comp.

Yes, people freak out and let themselves die when pets go red, but that doesn't mean hunters should (or any class) be able to destroy someone in 3 seconds.
All of the major issues in arena right now can technically be countered, but that doesn't make them okay.
You and everyone who isn't oblivious invented double bm.

I mean it's pretty easy to say "OP class lets get 2 and faceroll"

10/10/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Demìse

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