Just a thought about Rogues in MOP.

Please forgive me...

I have a question and a thought. Having played rogue for a while on several different accounts there is a blaring reality in MOP that I can't believe was created.

First, I have played rogue for quite a bit in pvp. However, I am not a pro arena rogue or a pro rbg rogue I have done my fair share of both. Not seriously but enough to gear and gank.

I have noticed while playing at 90 that rogues in itself have been killed. Not because hey I suck, but in essence a rogue is killed because he is no longer a "Rogue". I mean what makes a rogue? Control, Escapes, Damage, Survival?

For example: We must choose between escapes and closers, survivability and health.

What I am saying is that if we wish to control a fight we must talent in to shadow step and versatility with the option of nerve strike(to counter). However, if we wish to live in a fight we have to choose between a decrease in damage taken or health received via either elusiveness, cheat death, or leeching poison (which in reality does nothing in comparison to damage taken due to other classes damage being scaled to our increase in health) which brings me to my next points.

Since our damage was decreased so much, and our finishers were left intact we don't have the option of winning a fight if we blew shadow blades, vendetta and trinket in a fight previously or if the other player survives that burst (i.e. pally bubble, hunter deterance, ice block, etc...). Moreover, yes it may be great damage for one fight. However, we are left for dead instantly to the next person that catches us or even the same person if they survived. Why? because all of our CD's are ridiculously long. I understand fighting a mob in the game and fighting a person is different and should be different, but to scale when fighting in BG's or Arena's for example the ability to vanish is needed to survive and the need of shadow step to control is needed.

When we had the old talent tree we had the options of reducing the CD's of some vitally needed skills. If we had the option of reducing our CD of vanish the choice between prep and shadow step would be greatly reduced. Moreover, I believe it is unfair to allow for example mages the ability to cold snap, blink, ice block, and control if you virtually kill rogues. Mages are the yin to a rogues yang and right now the yang is gone. We have been positioned as a control class only and without any real damage besides openers or 3 min. CD bursts which gets negated by 3 min. CD's or the need to talent in to prep to get more than two openers (which any decent player will survive). Furthermore, if we can't survive long enough to control we are dead. Which is insane because our energy regeneration is now tied to our slice and dice which makes it insanely complicated to survive because we must first get up S&D before we can get up Recup which means we have to find a way to survive to get both up which is impossible if you have to also drop rupture and kidney and remember to envenom to refresh S&D. Also, I have noticed that Envenom doesn't always refresh S&D which is just sad.

I mean honestly, I don't mind the reduction in damage as much as I mind the reduction in survivability. Some of my best friends on the game are Glad rogues and high rated 2.2k+ rogues and they are all leaving rogues because of these issues. Honestly, if rogue wasn't this bad wouldn't you see the rogues that have been rogues since Vanilla still staying rogue? Even Reckful doesn't play his rogue much. It's a sad day in roguedom when everyone besides me leaves the party. I just wish something could be done to correct this issue even if it was reducing our CD's just a bit to allow for a little survivability.

Furthermore, I have noticed that the damage dealt by other classes (except feral druids) has not been reduced but has been increased even in their basic attacks. My Ret Pally for example is insane his standard strikes hit for 20k and he isn't even 90 yet. My Priest is just Ridiculously OP, and my other classes are all the same. However, my main dies at the hands of even the worst noob players because sorry CD's and I only win a fight if the other person blew all his CD's has 100k or less health and I have full CD's and no one else in line of sight to hit me with a massive bomb from half a field away with no cloak or vanish in sight to at least survive.

Forgive me if this sounds like rage and if you disagree, but this has been debated and raged about on my server as well as with players across servers and I thought it needed to be stated.

Am I raging? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I mad? Yes. I love my rogue and I can't stand-by and watch it get turned in to a joke on WoW. It's sad when a baddie that keyboard turns and clicks has time to laugh at you, spit at you, and destroy you when you have beaten Glads and other 2.2k players (with the same or better gear) of the same and other classes because of skill.
Hey I remember you! I agree with most of these points....done with wow till they do something about my class! Cya around till then man!
Edited it. It should be more to your liking now bro. Yes it's a sad day and it needed to be said.
People still whine about rogues. That was plural. They whine about getting beat by 2 rogues. Yes we are powerful in a group. Imagine that. Its laughable how bad they broke the class. My dps is lower at 90 than it was at 85. Blizz works very hard to balance all classes by creating a constant rotation of imbalance. Balance = wait your turn to be OP. I am still waiting for a logical explanation as to why healers have the ability to dps at all. No dps class should die at the hands of a healer. Initially it was to facilitate questing but when duel spec was introduced that negated the need for heal spec to do any damage. Healing in pvp does not need to be scaled up with the new stat PVP power. Healing is all ready grossly scaled up because it is designed around healing a raid getting pounded by a raid boss. HPS should equate to DPS no matter the environment but it does not. If the mean dps in pvp is 10k then the mean hps should be the same at best just to achieve a stalemate. Id like to see role limits in pvp as well. Allowing a wsg with 5 healers on one team is retarded especially when many of them can provide reasonable dps as stated above.

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