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I read that Restless Shadelings only spawn in the catacombs at midnight in Deadwind pass, so I went to go and try to capture one for the achievement.. not even trying for a rare quality. I flew in at 12:05am and saw 2 on my minimap. As I ran down the tunnel I just saw a level 78 priest from Earthen Ring (not my server) SHADOW WORD DEATH THE LAST ONE!!!

Now aside from the fact that it takes a special breed of moron to kill these.. I have a concern about fighting with people from other servers for rare spawns and as much as I like rares being rare.. I'd like to see something done to prevent this type of action impacting collectors abilities to obtain these hard to find pets.
There are already a million threads about this and the Scourged Whelps and Minfernals and all the other really rare pets. Based on the absolute silence from Blizzard, they don't care. Someone in another thread actually mentioned that somewhere Blizz made a statement that it was intended with the CRZ crapfest, though I didn't see a link.
The only thing you can really do to combat this (right now) is use CRZ against itself. You have several options in this way.

First Method
* Find a server that's relatively low-pop, and either level (DK is recommended for speed and ease), or transfer a character to it.
* Park your character in the zone/area where the pet(s) you are after will spawn.
-- Bring books, movies, pokemon, or SOMETHING else to do while camping. It will save your sanity, I promise.
* Frequently look at minimap and curse Blizzard for this awful idea that is CRZ + RNG + weather-dependent (also known as we heard you like RNG, so here's more RNG in your RNG) or time-sensitive spawns.
* ???
* Profit (eventually).

Second Method
* Make a friend on said low-population server, who is either equal to your level or higher level than you, and have them invite you to party.
*Follow the rest of the steps above in the first method.

These two methods are how I've managed to get the majority of the rares in my journal, and even then, you're still competing with RNG and CRZ, so there's no guarantees. You'll have to prepare yourself to sit for the long haul.

* Also, some advise specifically for the Restless Shadeling (as it is a time-sensitive spawn): You're very, very unlikely to both see them AND capture any [rare or otherwise] if you show up after midnight.
* You need to park a character and dedicate it to that spot, or come out there BEFORE midnight, and dedicate yourself to that spot. They're snapped up within minutes, as you've seen yourself (or killed, in the case of griefing jerks, again, as you've seen for yourself).
* Additionally, with time-sensitive spawns, you HAVE to note what the current time-zone is for the realm you are pulled into via CRZ. It may not be the same as your normal time-zone, much less your normal server time-zone. It makes a difference between seeing [and possibly snagging] spawns, and seeing [and getting] nothing.

All of that said, I agree, griefing in any situation is terrible, and in this case, I really dislike that Blizzard has made the wild pets (not critters) killable. I've reported it numerous times, but either they believe it is intended this way (and thus condone both the griefing and the practise of killing wild pet spawns to force new spawns--which isn't even confirmed to work, actually) or they don't care, or they'll... get around to it eventually and just haven't commented.

Either way, CRZ affecting spawns and the griefing that goes with it will continue for the foreseeable future. =/

Hopefully the tips I gave will help combat this for you.

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Someone in another thread actually mentioned that somewhere Blizz made a statement that it was intended with the CRZ crapfest, though I didn't see a link.

It's not a link specifically stating that this is intended for wild pet battles--I think. Mostly, it's "spawns" in general, they believe this is working as they intend, as they "designed CRZ with certain populations in mind" and competition for resources (spawns, nodes, herbs, etc., whatever) is their idea of fun gameplay that fosters a "sense of community."

(the post in question is this one: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6679517893 and the info is about halfway down the wall o' text, under the header labeled "Lack of Realm Community")
Honestly I was first excited about the cross realm stuff, now I just flat out hate it.

I am on a PvP server, and I feel really cheated when I am killing 2 guys at once and then some third guy not even from my server comes and helps them. It just feels like that person should not have been there.

This is another thing that could be very annoying with the CRZ
it seems like for rare spawns, if i manage to be in my home realm there are at least 20 spawns up, if i am in a crz its 20 people searching for 1 spawn
CRZ is really nothing different than being on a high population server. I guess those with complaints are use to being on a low population server.

About the only thing about CRZ that bothers me is time zone differences on time dependent spawns. CRZ should really select from servers in the same time zone.
got luck on this one went down at 12:01 and there were about 15 of them got my rare 4th one...Scourged Whelps on the other hand havent seen one yet =/
CRZ is really nothing different than being on a high population server. I guess those with complaints are use to being on a low population server.

I disagree. I've been playing on a high population realm for 3 years and while the max level zones are certainly always packed, it wasn't like this for the lower level content. Leveling or farming old materials wasn't problematic before. You could have some competition for sure, but you would have never found 20+ people in Silithus at 2am trying to farm Thorium, for instance.
It's a good thing I've managed to get my time-lost proto drake before this gaffe, or it would have been virtually impossible considering even the most tricky rares like Jadefang have become constantly swamped by campers, when pre-mopping on my realm it's relatively left in peace.

Good luck to those trying to get their own tiny shale spider.
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CRZ is really nothing different than being on a high population server. I guess those with complaints are use to being on a low population server.

Wrong, if it was just a case of a high pop server you would still have a chance. With CRZ you can fly over the spawn but when you land you are put in another server where the spawn doesn't exist anymore.
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CRZ is really nothing different than being on a high population server. I guess those with complaints are use to being on a low population server.

Wrymrest Accord has been "high-pop" for the last several years. I loved my full, bursting-with-activity server. I never minded the competition, because it was my own server. I knew the people, I knew the community, and on the whole, competition was mostly healthy rivalry.

CRZ adds in double that amount, at least, in competition, and from people who should be on their OWN server. It's the difference between being in a crowded room at a party with everyone having access to the food and drinks, and being in a crowded room at a party with only select people (or no one) having access to the food and drinks because there's no food or drinks--the roof caved in and party crashers ate what was left.

Or, if you don't like that analogy (because I am bad at them), I'll be more blunt:

CRZ affects phasing. In a painful, awful, stupid way. Those spawns people are seeing when they fly over are on their own server, but no one can get to it. Instead, they're getting pulled into CRZ, which is someone ELSE's, if they're not the ones on low-pop servers.

A good example of this is that Wyrmrest, at the beginning of this CRZ nonsense, spawned Aeonaxx so he was up and flopping around in Deepholm. A player could see him while flying around, but... no one could get to him. He was simply not interactive. Once a player moved in close, or landed, the dragon went away, poof, vanished. No dragon. Because CRZ kicked in, and yoinked the player off-server to fill gaps in low-pop servers. "Working as intended."

CRZ is one of the worst-implemented ideas I've yet seen, and quite obviously still broken. I can handle competition. I can handle camping. I don't like either, I don't find it "fun" or "engaging" gameplay, but I've done it, and I'll do it again, because I usually want that item or items and that makes it worth the frustration and tedium.

I can't handle not even being on my own server, and being forced to compete with complete strangers outside my community. Further, I left another RP server specifically to get away from harassment and cruelty and drama. I dread the possibility of seeing them again thanks to CRZ. I'm not alone in this situation. CRZ rudely forces a player off the server they chose to be on, effectively removing their choice on server at all.

CRZ does not foster community, it separates community. It does not foster healthy competition, but insane levels of griefing and stress and frustration. Not to mention that the only viable solution to all this competition? Is to "game" the CRZ system and the spawns through restarts or server hopping. I refuse to believe that's intended gameplay, either.

Edit: Actually, in a lot of cases it literally separates community. Leveling up with my roommate on Wyrmrest, we've been completely phased out from each other on more than one occasion, and having to leave the zone and come back to even see each other or interact again for questing. And this was with being on the same exact quests, in the same exact phase of the chain.

Or how about all the awful--before they finally fixed it--of getting dumped out of passenger mounts while questing together, and falling to one's death because of CRZ stealing only one party member away to a different server?
CRZ is bad, Because you could have had a mature friendly server with a relatively good population and still have to fight over a few people for these pets, but it would have been nothing like CRZ is today

Now you are thrown into a pit with garbage players from other realms.

There's people KILLING rare spawns for the "luls" who aren't even from my server. It's stupid and would have never happened on MY server.

If I wanted to play with stupid kids I would have rolled on another server

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