Weapon and enchant suggestions

I'm a wind walker and I had a couple of questions about weapons. Currently I'm using two one handed maces, (Venerable Mass of McGowan) but I've seen a many other wind walker monks using staffs. Which would be better?

If I continue using the maces, I know which enchant I should get put on them. But what would be the best for my chest armor?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Do you want to know more about leveling gear or endgame gear my fellow monk?

Anyway, on my BoA's I put 15 agi on each weapon since I DW'd my way up and put the +100 health on the chest. +8 agi on the Cloak and that's it.

About DW vs 2h, as a monk, it won't matter much until endgame nerd raging DPS metters, since Monks have a skill that balances both fightning styles pretty much, but DW overall do 4% (Forum numbers) more DPS. I like DW more due to it's aesthetics, so while leveling, stick to your taste!
Thank you my friend. Yes, I had decided if I went with the two weapons I'd use the 15 agi. The biggest problem now is affording it. Due to all the BOA gear it's a very expensive spell to get done.

I hadn't even considered the +8 agi on the cloak. Great idea, thank you.

lol Great advice. Since I plan to do a lot of work in the BGs, it sounds like DW is the way to go for me. Thank you once again.

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