thinking of making a shammy...

How are they healing wise? Honest to god, as a tank they don't really stand out too much, which could be a good thing because it means ive never seen one be completely awful.

I hear Ele got the shaft heard PvP wise, but what about PvE? Not really interested in enhance...
any input?
Well, after not healing resto for almost an entire expansion then jumping in on some heroic stoneguard attempts I can honestly say that resto is in a pretty good spot. I was keeping up (if not beating) our primary healers pushing 50k+ hps in my ele gear just swapping my spec and my trinkets. I'm sure if I focused and practiced, I could have done even better. In PvP, resto has always been strong.

As for ele? Yes, it kind of blows in PvP if you are going to take it seriously (aka, arena or rated BG's), but well played in the right comp it can still be somewhat competitive.

Ele in PvE seems pretty good for me so far. Our AoE is probably the best out there right now which is quite the opposite from the way things used to be. Single target we are definitely competitive, but if I'm not mistaken near the bottom compared to other classes when simmed.
Shaman is not for everyone, but it is a lot of fun and they do fine through all of their specs - things change, etc.

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