Are rogues going to be good in arenas in mop?

Are rogues going to be good in arenas during mop? I want to make a rogue but i see that they gut nerfed hard. I was also wondering if rogue/hunter is a decent combo in 2's and if rogue/frost mage is still good. And if rogue/frost mage/ hunter is any good
hunter and hunter pet > rogue/hunter
Considering a hunters BM pet can crit me for 100k, all you need is a hunter's pet while he line of sights for his pet to kill everything.
want to play a rogue? make war

i am not kidding, better CCs, better survival, better dmg, better moblity

only thing that wars don't have is stealth

Warriors have better dmg, but absolutely little major control when compared to rogues besides their combat charges and shockwave i mean..lul.
10/11/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Irrwisch
wars > rogues

U forgot to mention that shiv can be dodged now, and also just cuz our kidney is off CD, we might not have the 5 pts to make full use of it, with warr its on demand stun.
10/11/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Irrwisch
not to mention the skilless glyph

dood glyph of gag order is balanced

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