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Kovok, in the quest Feed or Be Eaten, has disappeared so now I cannot feed him the turtle to complete the quest. Does anyone know how I get him back?
You got him to go away!? I spent half an hour after turning in the quests with him following me STILL BUZZING EVERY TWO SECONDS! I finally just pulled a mob and let him die.

To actually answer, I remember the quest stating you could go back to the NPC if you lost him. It was in the middle-ish of the pools area if I remember correctly.
I figured I could get him back from the NPC like always, but I can't seem to find the NPC now. I will look some more. I heard about some of the kovok bugs. Some people say you could even mount him after the quests :)
I'm having the same issue. He's disappeared and I can't finish this quest. It's really annoying.
I flew back to where I got the quest and had no luck. When I took the flight path back, kovok mysteriously showed up. just fyi
I had the same problem, but when I flew from Klass'xis to the flight path near the Briny Muck he reappeared.
Same. Was at 5/6 for feeding him meat and he up and disappeared.

Flying out of the zone then back in causes him to reappear.
Just relogged and he came back! :D
I lost Kovoc as well and then I was wandering around and I saw a snail that had a talk bubble when I moused over it. I talked to it and it gave me Kovoc back and it also gave me and achievement called lost and found and a hunters lvl 450 trinket called Manipulator's talisman. To bad I'm a rogue...
I just flew out of the area of the quest and back in and he reappeared. Good Luck.
just kill yourself he apears
Check the damn dates people.
All you have to do is log out and log back on, this worked for me!

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