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I've seen a lot of people say that BM is arguably the best oft he 3 specs for PvP at later levels but what I'm wondering is how? From what I've seen I haven't noticed a big damage skill that they get for anything while MM has Aimed Shot and Survival's I think is Black Arrow and Explosive Shot?

With that being said can anyone explain to me how BM is supposed to pull the best in PvP? Not trying to troll or anything, I'm just new and know little of the game's mechanics.
There's numerous talents that benefit BM WAY more than surv or marks in PvP. Fervor, Blink Strike, Lynx Rush just to name a few. Also, BM now has access to readiness (for double bestial wrath) and silencing shot which were two reasons Marks was superior last season. It's very hard to control a hunter that has three ways to get out of CC.
Umm newbie question, but what does CC stand for? Isn't Dire Beast better than Fervor for PvP though?
part of BM's "big damage skill" is bestial wrath. it allows nice burst and it breaks cc.

cc stands for "crowd control" and it means when the other guy takes away your ability to operate... stuns, disarms, fears, horrors, mesmerizes, disorients, sleeps... there is also roots and what not. cc is what really gets yeah.

bm has access to abilities that give it great burst and burst is what kills.

bms pets also do a lot more damage than the other pets.

then there is the heals. BM has the best heals from spirit beasts which you have to be BM to get. BM has a stronger stamped and a stronger lynx rush and/or blink strike and so on.

bm can spirit mend and then dismiss that pet and then call another different spirit beast and the spirit mend again. often at least three spirit beasts are kept on hand for this reason... then also a bird of prey and something else.
I think where they're coming from is that BM has always had a lot of on-call burst damage, but lacked the utility of Scatter Shot (fixed in Cata) and Silence Shot (fixed now) to really finish a fight against a lot of classes. With the talent changes however, these crucial PvP abilities are now open to BM hunters and many now consider the spec a no-brainer for PvP.

I beg to differ though. I've PvPed with MM since day 1 and am faaaar more skilled with it than I think I will ever be at BM. And a good MM >>> a bad BM no matter what they do to the specs =P
What are BMs big burst damage skills though? My Kill Command atm isn't all that great in PvP from what I last saw with it critting maybe 4k. Though I haven't tested that out since I upgraded my gear to the level 70 PvP gear.

Doesn't BW only give like 20% added attack power? Does it really make that much of a difference? I think I might have to try it out again.

What's so great about Bird of the Prey?

P.S. I see that server restarts are happening tomorrow morning for me. do the restarts also reset the spawns for Spirit Beasts?
Well BM won't get stronger for you until 80, when you get mastery that increases your pets damage by ~30%. Also, BM doesn't give extra AP anymore, they removed that. And Bird of Prey pets have a disarm that's amazing for countering such pesky Hunters, DK's, Rogues, and Pallies.
Ah ok I'll test out a bird then and see how I like it. Any idea on if the server restarts reset the spawns for all spirit beasts?
because bm does more damage than markmans while providing better utility.

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