[H]The Eternals 10/14 ToT LF Range DPS

The Eternals [lvl25] are a 10man heroic raiding guild. We finished 6/13H in ToT and are progressing fast in SoO @ 10/14. We currently need a range DPS with a min ilvl of 530 or someone who's exceptionally good and can keep up with the rest of the group.

Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 10pm to 1am server time(EST).

For those interested or want more information please contact Dûchene (alt 150 for û) or Bigstuke.
Badly in need of a boomkin/resto. Must be geared & experienced in both specs.
Still looking for that elusive boomkin
If only your raid on tuesday started at 9st then I'd be game
Still looking for the boomy/resto?
Kind of yes, but hit me up (or shaktee) in game and we'll talk more. One of us is always on 6-7pm server time or later.
i thought i was ur boomy/resto =( thanks buddy
Now looking for a Hunter or a Shadow Priest.
Bump, still need Hunter/Spriest!
Still need a Hunter/Spriest!! Pst any of us in game, if we're not on leave us some mail.
Looking for a Holy Pally.
Need a new tank (warrior, pally or DK) DPS (rogue,hunter or frost dk) and a swing man (pally with holy & ret specs or priest with holy and s priest specs)
still in need of a DK dps? 485 ilvl frost dk here looking for a new home
Looking for a pally or priest heals with dps offspec and a rogue or hunter DPS.
Looking for Holy pally or Disc Priest and a Shadow Priest or Elly shaman. Must have sexy transmog
Still looking for heals...resto shamans, disc priests & holy pallys. Where are yous ? All members who join will secretly be told the meaning of life. Limited time offer**
damn if only i could make thursdays.... everything else works! "/
LF Warrior or Hunter DPS. Min 480 ilvl
I could go with you on my hunter since I already went with you a lot of times if you haven't found someone. My guild hasn't raided for months and I only pug stuff now anyway. Talk to me later maybe.

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