Non-background-texture elements missing

Bug Report
The npc's, maps, and the UI won't load when i go into a new area. I have to wait up to 5 minutes before these elements will load and the game is playable. Changing areas is usually enough to make it occur(not crossing the ocean, but this will suffice as it is an area change). Also, npc's load slowly yet still have aggro detection, so i may not see it, but it will start attacking me before i even know where it's coming from.
After initial load, problems will intermittently occur, mainly when checking the map and going back to gameplay. This causes any UI pieces to lose their values, no longer read "mortal coil" with image, just a blank square. This is the same effect when you load an area.
I have tried it in the areas for Cata, Vanilla, and BL. This happens in all the areas including the main cities. Gameplay is possible during the transition from faulty UI to complete, but experience is greatly dimished.

GT 640M
8GB 1600MHZ
1660X1050 resolution
Settings High

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