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Customer Support
I wanted to find out if there were any alternate means to contact customer support (i.e. a direct email that I can send a word document to, etc). I typed up something that I would like read, its in regards to an aspect of the game that I personally am upset with and would like to make the appropriate people aware of. I'm not entirely sure which department of customer service is best to contact regarding this. I don't know if there is such an email/contact system in place for such types of things, but If anyone knows please let me know! Thanks.
There really is no way to contact anyone in CS other than the GMs through the in-game ticket system or the Support link at the top of this page. However, it sounds like what you are wanting to send them isn't something that the GMs would have anything to do with, since they have nothing to do with feedback.

In reality, in order for anything to possibly be seen by Developers (the people you would want to give the feedback to) it would be to post it on the General Forum fir a CM to forward on to them. There is no other way to contact them. Blizzard closed out most of their external email addresses a year or two ago, and even recently got rid of at least one more.

I'm not suggesting you give details here, but if you give us a vague idea of what it is in regards to, we may be able to point you somewhere else, but it's honestly not very likely.
There is the in game suggestion button, but you probably can't attach a document to that. Also, depending on the security of their email (or policies) they may not accept or open a text document.

Your best option, to my knowledge, is to post it in the most appropriate forum. For instance, if you had a suggestion about a Dungeon, you could post your suggestion in the "Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios" forum.

Posting constructively is the best means of getting your post heard. Explain clearly, but concisely what your issue is, without hyperbole. Why you think it's a good/bad thing, and what suggestion you have to change it. Also, remember that generally Blizzard is much more interested in the discussion of the player base, rather than individual suggestions. You'll be posting on an open forum, so expect responses. Some will agree with you, some won't. Some will be civil about it, some will not be. Ignore those that aren't civil, and respect dissenting opinions.

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