What is good about the Crawling Claw pet?

Pet Battles
I see it for around 28k on the AH, and I'm just wondering if it costs so much because of it's hard obtainability or does it actually function good in pet battles? So far my experience with it is bad, due to the fact that it is weak to critters
It's one of the few Epic Based pets in the game right now. It's hard to get as well from archaeology and if Blizzard follows the rules Epic will have stronger stats than Rares. If you would like to see what epic pets are in the game go to your armory and limit the search to Epic.

Also, notice there is a legendary check box for pets in that search?
Also, I can't confirm that the few epic listed pets in the game actually have stronger stats than rares as I only have the Cenarion Hatchling and in-game it isn't listed under any rarity yet.
epic have rare stats, only tamers have epic and legendary pets with higher stats.

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