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Okay thanks for all the effort and advise. I really appreciate it.
:) Let us know how it turns out!
Just out of curiosity, when you updated to 10.8.2, did you use software update to do it, or did you manually download the combo updater and run the update from that?

Also, you could try deleting all files named*

The * indicates a wildcard, meaning any file that starts with will be the target.

These files are located in /Users/AccountName/Library/Preferences/By Host/. Seeing as it is the Window Server that is a commonality here, that is a good place to start. I suspect a corrupt preference file (.plist), and if that is the case, then on the account with the problem, deleting these files should let the OS rebuild them and hopefully quell the WoW panics.

Make sure to restart immediately after deleting these files. Ideally though you would delete them while logged in as root (so as to not be on the account with the issue while cleaning house), but I don't know if you have root user enabled, and if not, I'm not all too eager to have you enabled it for this.

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Hi I am not comfortable trying what you are suggesting due to my lack of skill on this. I am taking it back to Apple on Saturday and will pass this info on to them though. That way im not liable if i mess up.

Apple care has already opened a special correspondence for me incase the apple store blows me off agian. They have said one way or another they will resolve the issue for me.

Thanks for your suggestion.

In regard to your other question, i originally updated via app store then re-updated via combo. Neither helped.
Well, you've tested on three accounts - the original and two test accounts, if I've read the thread right, yes? And the two test accounts work fine, but your current account does not. That indicates some serious corruption at the OS level specific to that user, and in all likeliness, no amount of hardware swapping will fix that. It'll take a full fresh (as in not using migration assistant) install of the OS to fix this.

I'm betting that'll be what ends up happening.

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so i went to apple again and the top genius admin guy took a look at my computer. He finally found the culprit. There was a corrupted plist world of warcraft system preferences file in my library. He renamed it and it rebuilt when i launched the game on my admin account and it worked!

I dont understand this but he showed me what to do if it happens again.

So now i have wow working again! However i am noticing some weird CPU % issues. Is it normal that wow pushes my cpu anywhere up to 185% when its launched? I was checking my activity monitor and it showed this.

I still don't feel like the computer is acting normally. Have weird screen glitch issues from time to time and choppy FPS (even when typing this) so i will mention to Apple care this week.
oh forgot to mention the genius said there is a setting in my system wow graphic settings that is causing the systempref file to become corrupted. He could not tell me which one is doing it but i thought it was worth mentioning.

the cpu usage is normal. it's just a reporting of core usage. As long as it isn't overheating which you'd have to check with istat or smc fan control.

btw, did you keep that corrupt plist file by chance so it can be sent to blizzard or apple for diagnostics?
yes i did. I am at work right now but i can post exactly what it is when i get home.
also i am experiencing issues with FPS. I have been since MoP launched. Usually getting between 20-40 FPS. Meaning 40 FPS when i launch, a few mins later staying at 31 FPS out of combat and a constant 20 FPS in combat. These are on medium settings. I used to get a solid 50 FPS running near all ultra.

I know that MOP has brought some graphic enhancements which would play a part but for a top of the line RMBP from 2012 its a bit lame really.

I have read other people have FPS issues. So is it best to wait and let Blizz find the fix or is this something that may be more related to my computer only?

Thanks for the follow-up Antelathil.

What display mode are you playing in? (Windowed, Fullscreen, or Windowed-Fullscreen)
I am playing and have been playing in Fullscreen. I used to play in Windowed-Fullscreen until i read on here from a Blue that doing so means more rendering work for my computer and would get better FPS in fullscreen. this has shown to be true.


Are you running any add-ons as well? Even if the add-ons are disabled, they can still affect performance.
Yes im running:

but i was running the same addons when i was getting constant 50+ FPS on ultra before. So nothing in my set up has changed.
Before what date? When did you notice these issues first happening?
Its difficult to say. I noticed a slight drop in performance just before MoP launched. I then had my retina for a couple of days at launch before my appointment with Apple, and for those 2 days i noticed a serious drop in performance which remains the same, after getting the computer back from Apple.

Remember they replaced the logic board which means according to Apple that they pretty much replaced all the hardware on the inside including RAM, CPU and GPU.
I have been running the same addons since June when i got the RMBP.
Also now that im home i can give you the corrupted plist file that was causing the kernel panics:

It was either:




I hope this helps.
What FPS are you getting now?

Remember, with each expansion, system requires change, and the graphics engine for the games are updated. So if you were getting X FPS with Ultra in 4.x, Ultra in 5.x is not going to yield the exact same results.

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