Resto and Elemental Gear

Do most Ele/Resto shamans use the same gear for both specs? and just switch up trinkets?

As ele, you get a spirit to hit conversion. Though I do recommend having 2 separate sets- I think some of the secondary stats are the difference between the two.
This early in the xpac yes my healing and ele gear are the same. Once it becomes easier to pick up gear I plan to have two sets, even if that means having a second piece of the same item but reforged differently. How 'extreme' I go into min/maxing an ele set will depend on how often I'm asked to swap to ele in raids.
If you are serious about optimizing, then it is still mostly 2 different sets of gear minus maybe a few pieces. Here are a few examples of why.

a) Elem favors haste, resto favors crit/mastery (aka, forging will be different)
b) Different meta gems in helm
c) Different enchants.
d) Different trinkets.
e) Any gear with hit is useful for ele but not resto.

With that being said, you can still be quite effective with a single set... but in a raiding atmosphere it isn't going to cut it most likely.
For dungeon gear, you can get away with the same gear for both specs. I currently am and only need to change one trinket, but I'm trying to switch back to Enhancement soon once I get the remaining gear I need. I find it simpler just to have to separate sets of gear instead of trying to balance two specs with the same set of gear.

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