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Hi, thanks for looking inside!

I'll just cut to the chase:
- Availability: Mon-Thurs from 7pm-as late as needed
- Raiding since July 2005
- 8/8 H DS
- Willing/able to play any class/role
- Only looking for a guild that is okay with me leveling from 1 to join the team, not looking to transfer. My fastest 1-85 time was 1d 18h with only heirlooms and no raf, and I currently have raf, so my 1-90 time would be a week or less.
- Looking for a 10 man environment that is interested in hardcore PvE progression with the skill and experience to back it up
- Prefer Alliance, would consider Horde if the guild looks right

Again, thanks for taking to time to look at this. If you think you'd have room for me in your guild, contact me at Winded#1878 in-game.
I will be on most of the night if anyone wants to add me.
Bump for the cause.
Hey there Winded.

We're looking for a few more exceptional people to join our core 10m raiding team. We're looking to go after pre-nerf kills and server firsts.

I'm not sure which zone you're in, but raids are Tues/Weds/Thurs at 8PM EST until 11PM EST.

Our spam is

You can contact us at or at me to btag at hstepan418#1714
^ Awesome thanks! Going to try to contact in-game.
Hey There,
I have messaging you here on behalf of my guild 'Fun House' from The Forgotten Coast server (Horde Side). We are a 10man guild looking to become Top 100 US (Which we will probably get). You seem like a legit player looking to play with the best. I would like to speak with you a little bit more about possibly joining us. If you are up for the challenge and find any of this interesting then please feel free to contact me in game on my RL ID.

Real ID:

Thank You and Best Regards,

Thanks for the interest guys! Still looking for other options
Still on for a few hours, hit me up.
Off to bed, will be checking throughout the day tomorrow.
Big day today for e-sports! Online most of the day
Editing some of the info at the top
Hi, looking to add a shadow priest or dps warrior to our roster. Guild is 10H and been together for 4+ years. While we cleared all Cata content and farmed significant bosses, pre-nerf progression is as follows:

Tier 11 9/12 H
Tier 12 6/7 H
Tier 13 5/8 H

Raid times are Mon-Wed 8:30-11:30 EST, with Sun as an elected optional day depending on schedules and progression.

Firestyle#1786 or more info at Send me in-game mail or battletag to discuss further.
Great! Added your battletag to talk to you further.
Hello There,
Fun House is a 10man Hardcore/Casual Raiding guild that WILL be Top 100 US in MOP Raiding. We also be doing Rated BG's as well as World PVP as we become more developed. We are looking for dedicated/Experienced raiders who know how to play their class without someone holding their hands. Because we are a guild who expect our core members to be nothing but "Ranked" material everyone will be considered replaceable if you do not meet expectations. Although we expect our raiders to be 100% up to par on their skill level we still like to maintain an enjoyable raid and casual gaming atmosphere. We will begin raiding next week and are in need of the following classes to fill our core.

-2 healers (non priest)
-All DPS (except plate DPS)

Note: If your role/class is not listed here please feel free to still message me or apply!

Our Raid Times are: T/W/TH 9:30pm - 1:30am PST

Although we are fairly new, me along with the GM and other raiders in our current core are experienced players who have all once been in ranked guilds!

If what you have read here seems like a good fit for you and you are up for the challenge then please feel free to respond here or add me on RL ID.

Real ID:

Thank You and Best Regards,

Hi, I'd like to invite you to check out Conspiracy! If you're leveling from scratch we could fudge the starting date for you a bit!

We're an alliance guild on the PST PvE US-Hyjal server.  We run a 10man raiding group.

Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11pm, and every other Monday 8:30-11pm. Times are all Pacific.

We are currently looking for 1 dps, either a hunter or a rogue. This is a guaranteed raid slot; in exchange we ask 90%+ attendance. We are planning to start raiding on Tuesday October 9th and need someone to have minimum equipped ilevel 460 by then.

About half of the raid group is made up of people who have been playing together for 3-6 years.  The rest of the group is people who joined us during Cataclysm.  We are a very close group of older adults - our average age is mid 30's.  We are laid back and have a lot of fun raiding together, but get more serious when it's boss time.

If this sounds interesting to you come find me on Hyjal, drop off an app at our website, or email me at xyrryus(at)yahoo(dot)com

Good luck in your search, and I hope to hear from you soon!
We are looking for skilled players to progress through MoP raiding content, we a group of experienced players running a guild were we can raid 3 nights a week and still get the content done, where we are serious about raiding but have fun doing what we do


Raid Times
Tues: 11pm-2:30am
Weds: 11pm - 2:30am
Thurs: 11pm - 2:30am

apply at or you can add my battle tag for more info berdrek1412#1545
[A] Secluded - Quel' Dorei 10m

Secluded is a newly formed guild made from friends on top end guilds on different servers. We are 8/8h and are looking for an exceptional healer and high-output dps. We are also recruiting for rbgs for MoP.

Tues, Wed, & Thurs 10:00pm - 1am Central. Starting to raid Sept 2nd.

What We Are Looking For:
Exceptional players of all classes. Please contact us on Real ID or apply on our website.

How To Join:
Apply at

Who To Contact:
Mcnuget (
Caskade (
Fknclone (
Nubbz (

We are a pretty laid back guild during off time. We mess around in mumble and like to have fun. When raid starts though, we expect people to be prepared and focused.

If you are still looking, check out <Blood Fist> on Earthern Ring. Raid team is looking for DPS and healers.

Short version: 25 man semi hardcore progression oriented raiding guild. Raid times 8 pm to 12 mn eastern on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdys. Mature group, social but results oriented

Long version found at

Contact Colder#1833 or Wyx#1881.

Thanks and good luck!
We've got one opening that can be satisfied by multiple classes.

<Group Three> Horde Tichondrius

- 7 of us have been playing together since 2010, we're not going anywhere.
- You will be raiding with people who have multiple top 10 parses on multiple classes, we're not going to demand parsing but you should obviously pull your weight.
- We took a break mid FL, came back in February to start DS. HM Madness died on April 3 2012 in one night of pulls.

Schedule: Tues/Wed 10pm-1am PST
Thurs: 11pm-1am PST

Needs: 1 DPS or Healer

Feral/Balance Druid


Priest Heals
Monk Heals

onions#1810 if you want to talk.

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