Arms vs Fury | Dungeon vs Quest

I am having a little bit of trouble deciding witch spec is best for PvE and witch is best for PvP. For leveling should i do dungeons or just do quests? If it helps i don't have any BOA's but I plan on working to get some.

Any help will be good.

At your level it is best to stay arms for questing and dungeons, it puts out more dps at your level. As with any DPS spec for leveling you should generally be questing while waiting for dungeon queues and making sure to hit each dungeon you can for the quests.
I did dungeons and quested from 85-90 as single minded fury. never looked back
I like fury and am thinking about switching my arms to protection. Just a thought with second wind right now protection are almost unkillable. It really depends on what you want though. I've seen some fury warriors doing pvp adn having fun with it due to blood bath and bladestorm as well as whirlwind. They just attack groups and AoE the snot out of people. It's kinda fun.
Go PROT!!! Its so crazy how much DPS you will pump out in dungeons or just questing. I queue as DPS with prot spec and stay in Bezerker stance. I out dps monks. DPS doubled over fury.

Tank dies? Switch to defensive stance and your dps goes up even more.

Give it a shot and you will be shocked how much dps it does.
It´s not about which one is best or not, It's about what you like or not.
Personal opinion.


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