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Feasts, corpses, mobs and other items you can interact sometimes just don't work. Instead of the cursor turning into a cog wheel/loot/speech bubble it just stay as the armored glove. This has been happening a lot in Mogu Vaults with feasts and the gems you click on at the beginning of the Feng encounter resulting in a wipe.
I'm having this same issue *everywhere* in Pandaria. Mobs. Herbs. Quest items.
I also have this issue so often it's not even funny. When this happens on Feng it's pretty much a wipe.
Yeah, it's actually happening everywhere, but seems particularly bad in MV, especially when it is the cause of wipes.
Fishing bobber. That is all.
I've been having this bug happen to me as well. It's quite random when it happens and unpredictable, but it happens to anything that can be targeted or interacted with. It causes the cursor not to register that there is something under it.

It happens everywhere...
Of note, if it's something you can interact with using a keybind or typed command, you can typically bypass the.... um... unclickableness.

However, this has got to be one of the most unpredictable and annoying small bugs in the expansion.
NPCs and such aren't as much of a problem since you can always resort to /tar, but for things that aren't targetable you're !@#$ out of luck. Even reloading UI doesn't seem to work, have to actually log out and back in.
I occasionally get this problem when mining. The other day I found two trilliums in close proximity but only one was clickable, the other I had to leave the area and return in order to mine it.
I've seen this problem as well. I've found it is tied with the phasing of quest areas or NPCs give quests. Example :) The Brewfest Commoners in Stormwind in Dwarven District will make the mail box unusable when I had hit 89 and able to accept the full line of quests ie able to queue for Brewfest Dungeon. Going to another area where the NPCs aren't located near a mailbox and able to interact with it. Same for nodes in Pandarian zones. Complete the quest that overlap that node and I can then interact with the node without logging in or out. Seems like that the problem isn't tied to add-ons but with the way phases are now being implemented by Blizzard. Logging in and out may or may not work. I find I have to log into another character and zone in and out of an area and then return to the character having trouble interacting with an item. I hope this helps someone. Good luck and good hunting to you all.

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