Chicken Wings

Emerald Dream
Going to get wings tomorrow and am open to trying new flavors...however, i have a horrible time deciding things....any suggestions on flavors

i tried asking trade chat but it's/their suggestion was naked and for what ever reason i dont think they offer naked flavored chicken wings at this place

so, any suggestions?

Thanks again
Im particularly fond of honey bbq or parmesan garlic from buffalo wild wings. same with teriyaki or just average buffalo. YUM.
that does sound good
ogh mty gopd wings are so good

honey garlic mmm
Whatever kind you get -- eat it like a pro:
Whatever kind you get -- eat it like a pro:

i just kinda use my tongue to get in between it..... been doing it the hard way i guess......
Oh my gawd gurl! As soon as I saw "Chicken Wings" I had to get my big 'ol ghetto booty all up in here! Now where them chicken wings is at?
Its just a sports bar....that has really poor service and half broken tvs with flies everywhere and odly placed air vents <3 lol
Whatever kind you get -- eat it like a pro:

Ya...that makes any previous times that i have eaten a chicken wing feel like the "noob way" to eat a chicken wing, at least now i know and can "eat like a pro."

Thank you Gnomes, i will never forget this kindness
Personally I like just a spicy dry rub blend. Dont like the tanginess of wing sauce.
Get a little of every flavor possible. pace yourself. go from least hot to hottest so that you can savor the flavor. Beer, yes beer helps. Take your time. final step in this feast of awesome? A nap on the couch.
Whatever kind you get -- eat it like a pro:

Winslo's always got the inside track. *gnomefist*

I vote that whatever you try, verify you'll have tastebuds afterwards. :-)
Caribbean jerk. My waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings gave me a funny look when I ordered them. Apparently not many people like it. But it's the marinade my dad always used and I love the hell out of it.
I just hit honey bbq; can't stand spicy stuff really. I definitely have a sweet tooth.


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