Minifernal in Felwood

Bug Report
Well after countless hours roaming around and around waiting nothing of this pet. Well I decided to log on my toon on another server after flying to the area in felwood and flew over via FP I was excited to see like 8-10 of them spawned so once I landed I hurried there with a heartbeat only to find a sad face they all vanished????! No one was in the area at the time so how could that many just disappear? well I flew around all over not a single one to be found I believe they are bugged and just disappear!! Has anyone else noticed this????
I'm not quoting fact but... When you're on a flight path to somewhere, I think you're currently on your server. For example, I'm on Grizzly Hills. When I fly to Scholazar from the fellow on the landing in Dalaran, I can see Aotona as I come to my landing spot. As soon as I land though, the time changes because Cross-Realm Zoning kicks in. I run back to where Aotona is, but she's nowhere to be found.

Sounds alot like the issue you've mentioned. The pets you see while you fly above the zone are on your server(Proudmoore) but the moment you land and CRZ kicks in, the pets will not be there because you are now on a completely different server's zone.

It sucks, as much as I like seeing people out in the world, it's the little things like this I'm not pleased with.
Same thing. I see a mess of these when I fly over on a rental flight on my way to a FP, within a minute I'm back on my own mount and there's not one to be found.
I've tested this on a few server I made sure to check the CRZ and when landed the time didnt change or anything inflight I saw it but once landed and flew there they just vanish O.o so now I see a few people waiting around I message them they have said they have waited 3+ or even 5hrs+ and nothing so obviously something is going on with this.

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