Old Blood Boil Animation!

Death Knight
What happened to it? Can we get it back via a Glyph? Please!
if your talking about the big red explosion it was removed because when the animation went off people could not target you, so we got something that looks identical to either a warrior or paladin ability, dont remember which, they could have at least tinted it red for christ sake.
SO why don't they just fix it then?
10/04/2012 06:24 AMPosted by Amathyst
SO why don't they just fix it then?

Why would they when could just lazily give us a carbon copy animation from a different class, one that looks like we are confused as to what class we are.

If we get anything back in a glyph I want it to be desecration. Even if it doesn't slow the enemy.
Yeah I was bummed when they just changed it to the crappy current BB animation. I hope this get's noticed!

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