Sylvanas is a Blood Elf...

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An undead one at that! And yet she still has a very womenly figure. What happened to the rest of you BElf females? Did you stop eating when you got addicted to the magics?

Compared to...

For shame! being out-hotted by a dead girl!
Ever seen a chick you know was hot at one point but is strung out on drugs of a crystal variety?

Yeah, its kinda like that.
psshhhh I'm fabulous.
She's a high elf. The women back in the day actually had food to eat before silvermoon got zerg rushed.
Sylvanas is an undead high elf. The blood elves came about after the scourge invasion.

Edit: Dang, beaten to it haha.
Undead High elf.
It appears they did.

Also there's something about being addicted to magic that makes you stand like a D-bag
Both of them have nice bodies. One of them is just more exposed straight up because she's used for marketing :P
Blood Elves are High Elves! They just renamed themselves.
If that's the case, the rest of the Blood Elf females might want to take a few week vacation to ICC. They could use a little beefing up.
A woman who doesn't look like she'd break if you hugged her too hard is best.

Similar to female pandas =P
Don't Sylvanas, Alextrasza and Ysera all use the standard Blood Elf female model with some custom gear/skin tones?
Sylvanas is a high elf, not a blood elf.
Once again, HIGH ELF = BLOOD ELF.
Arthas turned her into a banshee she took possession (you know a very fun banshee ability, thanks for you worker units now i can build 4 different race armies) of a high elf sometime between warcraft 3 and the frozen throne
"Arcane is a helluva drug."

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