"Shadow Hopper" Achievement - Impossible.

Bug Report
No, don't tell me it's possible. Because it's not.

The sheer number of players trying to do the daily makes it frustrating as all hell to get the daily out of the way - but that's only 8 catches. You somehow expect me to be able to get 25 catches in a row in this zone? With everyone's ball's shadow being cast - how do I know which is mine?

Instance the "shadow" so that players can only see the shadow of the ball that belongs to them.


I have also just noticed that my serpent is going after other players' balls. So now I am also expected to keep track of just *which* ball, specifically, my pet is going after? Or will it not matter - because chasing after the ball of anyone but myself is not going to count towards credit?
Completed within 5 minutes of being able to do the quest.

Status: Possible.
Wait till there are fewer people on, and while i might be mistaken on this part - you don't have to stay by the quest giver to throw the ball, you can move farther away.

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